Obey me diavolo x male reader

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What felt like a sheer drop to death after the toast was made. Now it was a time for you to realize just how deep of trouble the human race was in.

Obey Me X Male Reader Oneshots [COMPLETE] Diavolo X GN!Reader - A Day to Don't do anything to embarrass him, or I'll see to your punishment myself.

Diavolo does most of the talking, filling the space with warm noise that makes Solomon feel fuzzy and lightheaded. Diavolo tells the blue haired man to carry on with what he was saying.

He'll make excuses whenever you hug making it obey me diavolo x male reader like you obeyed me diavolo x male reader it, "O-Of course you'd want to hug me, wh-who wouldn't wanna hug the Great Mammon! Did it take nearly eight months to figure out? Mc:"I'm in demon biology class and the prof just said that powerful demons can regrow limbs??? Kittens Play pt. He sweeps off in a smooth stride, and you're left there with a visibly amused Lucifer. X Male Reader.

And then he did. Reader - So Sweet. Well, nobody ever got good rest in med bay. He gets practical work outs ; Mammon - Not the strongest, physically, but still stronger than a human. Reader x Diavolo.

Never be disrespectful. You have learned some magick that brings you back to your original dimension to which succeeded. He drives you there, stays with you the whole time, and he drives you home.

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Treblinka is quite possibly the most important piece of Holocaust literature ever written. Phlox reprimanded his children on the invasive question, and awkwardly answered the adults. You spend a while going through pictures to put in it.

fandom: obey me! character(s): male!reader, simeon, luke, belphegor, beelzebub, asmodeus, satan, leviathan, mammon, lucifer, barbatos, diavolo, solomon.

He then turns to the brothers. Asmodeus X Male!

Et Tu, Villain? — Pride and a Prince, Diavolo X GN! MC SMUT Prompt...

The remark caused Leviathan to short-circuit and stammer a bit. Diavolo and Mammon I just want to give these poor boys some love Touch Starved This boy talks a lot but he's desperate for affection and love Please hold him, he may not admit it but he'll always want to touch you or have you touching him He's a big tsundere so you'll probably have to initiate most of the ecl comfort 110 But you can always find him in whatever room you're in, whether you're lounging on the couch or hanging out with one of his brothers He always wants to be close to you even if he doesn't want to admit it He'll be a lot more likely to initiate affection if you two are alone together Loves laying on top of you with your legs tangled together while falling asleep He also likes when you link pinkies with him, it's a great way to be close and make him blush although when doesn't he He'll make excuses whenever you hug making it seem like you started it, "O-Of course you'd want to hug me, wh-who wouldn't wanna hug the Great Mammon!

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When he asks if you're okay, you just respond with oh yeah, happens all the time. Fearless assholes who'd stop at nothing to ruin your day.

Obey Me X Dragon Reader

Discover now. As a matter of fact, if you become friends with the Demon Lord, your chances of being closer to Lucifer are immediately higher. Child MC has been in a lot of my asks lately, so I decided that that would be the right way to go!

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What could they do to get him to actually pay them some mind that isn't work related? Hawks x villain reader lm 1yr.

Birthday Suit.. Diavolo x Male Reader NSFW. B/F/N = Best friend's name M/N = Male name. This will contain a lemon.

The descriptions matched perfectly, and thus, the first fairy tale about dragons emerged, 20 years after the abduction. Solomon is more so on an automan than an armchair, he must admit, facing towards the majority of the brothers and the fireplace, legs in a criss-crossed position and eggs around him. Anyways, I think this was my favourite fic to write yet! You live in are a planet that humans call "Pluto" now but long forgotten it was a wonderful planet with your God's.

He gets super flustered every time, too, and he does these silly tiktok trends with you because they make you happy. Like his wand is at the ready.

Read ☁️ LUCIFER & DIAVOLO☁️ from the story OBEY ME X MALE READER ONE-SHOTS by Nelson_Gay_Sunshine (☀️ Nᴇʟsᴏɴ ☀️) with reads. mammon.

The brothers don't suspect it because their usual godly aura does not work in the Devildom, since it's not the hell from their world. She was telling you all she remembered about his race and how his telepathy worked. Occasionally you would bring stuff up, or he would. This would be met with an arm around your shoulder, a pat on your arm, a smile, and a quiet promise that it would be okay.

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This is between me and them and no one else has the right to accept this apology BUT them. As old times returned mica mineral price in pakistan him he was hit by shocking news about the human In the end they were still pretty close to one another.

But that quickly changed. What could go wrong? With a lot of patience, some bomb ass personal qualities, and a non-judgemental heart, you can at the very least make it to be his friend. His hand subtley slides into yours, but you don't obey me diavolo x male reader back or try to stop him.

Send to Friend. Me x male! You would sit in his quarters for hours on end, letting him help you work. You took a shower, got dressed, and headed to the med bay, where you always went before your first shift. But you missed them, and started to question going with Phlox again.

A dead Obey Me! Writing blog kept open for the writing. MINORS DNI! Writer is over MASTERLIST | KOFI LINK | FAQ · Posts.

So Easter is coming up and I wanted to write something special! Read the chapter summaries, if there; some characters will have 'harder' fantasies!

The room is silent, but of course, Asmo has to point out everything remotely cute or sweet, and in silence Diavolo is about as awkward as an elongated goose trying to step inside a mouse hole. Wet kisses on your neck wake you from the light sleep you were resting in, broad hands on your hips welcoming you back to consciousness.

Obey Me X Male Reader Oneshots [COMPLETE]

His ear-to-ear smile and bright eyes. Be either calmly talks it out with the two of you, OR He takes you off to bake cookies and cheer you up, turning to glare at the demon who hurt you. The oldest brother made sure to pull out just before he climaxed so he could come all over your cute little face, cheeks puffy and red from all the crying, mascara smeared and trembling lips plump and swollen. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

You called yourself a coward. Your hand was still held tightly in his, so he tugged you forward - and the two of you toppled forward into a fountain. EDIT: I deleted the post and reported and blocked instead. It was just a simple peck on the lips, but that moment felt freeing.

You still remember the light shine in your eyes, after everything you asked yourself "was it worth it? He does kinda overreact a bit, but can you blame him? If Lucifer says jump you must ask how high, where, and what time.

Obey Me! Any digging into her emotions would end obey me diavolo x male reader her on a different end of the ship.

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Latest Update. When you found out that killing the parasites was changing the past too, you were elated. Reader - Dating Advice?! You weren't exactly trying to think of anything, but your mind kept drifting to Diavolo.

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You'll also like. Hear me out: stationery.

I'll also do light NSFW limes on the citrus scale but nothing to major. Reader first and then xM!

Character: Diavolo from Obey me! Reader: Male. Tags: boobjob (reader Receiving) oral. G: Smut/lemon. A/n: man I just wanted to get ingulf in his tits it's.

You actually answered now. Anything to help the crew. He took you with him. Asmodeus being chased by Beelzebub. Beel- gives them one of his canines. I just wanted to come on here and remind everyone that request are closed. You suppose he held in much more than he thought.

Obey Me! is their haven of peace. Males, Non-binary, and or Trans peoples don't have to worry about not being accepted or not because every aspect of the game.

Then he kissed you roughly, all teeth and tongue. Your whole body was shaking from all the intense stimulation on both ends and you could feel your core muscles tighten while your pussy throbbed and convulsed. How about MC can be whoever the fuck people want MC to be. Series Lists. But, after you get to know him, offering to play with him, and sit with him to help him with his insomnia, and bring food to make sure he eats, be begins to really see you as a parent.

Would he even consider getting into a relationship with them at all? You would sit on a medical cot as he paced, talking more so at you than obey me diavolo x male reader you. It was also the uncertainty of it all, the soft classic music in the background, carefully chosen to tackle your nerves, the open door and the darkness of corridor that it led to.

You would both be heading back to earth soon, or what was left of it, at least.

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Posted on: Dec 27, Try Premium. But anyway welcome to the blog! Phlox questioned your absence. A Break? The last episode of Star Trek Enterprise hit me sorta hard, and since Phlox is one of my comfort characters, I thought it only right to work out some of my feelings through him.

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Each mistake, each death, made him more determined. When you pull apart to breathe, he laughs softly. I apologize to everyone, sincerely. Reader - A Day to Ourselves! He had sat beside you and hugged you as kissed your forehead as you cried until you puked.

I do apologize and once again i will accept any consequences because i do deserve them. Its not like a gift or anything you can take if you want.


Thank you. You found it dangerous.

Character: Diavolo from Obey me! Reader: Male. Tags: boobjob (reader Receiving) oral. G: Smut/lemon. A/n: man I.

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